Virtual Test Channel

Proof of Strength and Sustainability


Development Roadmap

Predictive Engineering through Simulations by LS-Dyna

Products can pass the tests before any prototypes are made. Structural, Thermal, Fluid Flow and Multi-Physics Simulations are used for accurate product design and validation already at design stage saving time and money at later stages. We use LS-Dyna, multi-purpose FEA Simulation Software to bring the advanced simulations available to every product maker.

Goals for product performance

Product design is reviewed together with customer and goals to be achieved are set.

Detailed plan is made to achieve those according to the Virtual Test Channel Process.

Verification of performance

Final Product Testing is made by physical product validation. We offer together with our world-class partners advanced testing services for product performance verification.

Fact-based Product Data

All product performance data from Simulations and Testing is carefully analysed and the goals set to the product are validated. Learnings are collected and documented for continuous improvement.

Trusted Durability & Strength

Final product performance has been maximized with minimized design iterations and accelerated product development cycle.
Materials efficiency has been improved, need for product repairs reduced and sustainability targets met.